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Supersonicz Money transfer mobile app gives you the opportunity to create transaction from your mobile in a hassle-free manner.

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Supersonicz mobile app is the Cheapest way to Send Money from United Kingdom,Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, all over Europe including Canada, Switzerland and USA. Now, you can easily access your list and status of your transactions.

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A super mobile app is the best way to send money from Canada & USA. This app allows you to maintain your recipient list with favorite selections.

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Now you can transfer money from all over Uk & Europe including Canada, Switzerland and USA to any bank account and nearest cash pick up location in Africa easily with this application. To make the process easier upload your documents in the money transfer app.

Supersonicz Money Transfer App

Money Transfer to bank account is easier with us: We are always with you!

With Supersonicz app you can transfer money online to The Gambia, Nigeria, Senegal and rest of africa. The main agenda is to serve its customers in an enhanced and pioneering way. To better help you, we have started "You want a support call?" option in our Super Mobile App to get in touch instantly.

Transfer money online using your visa, master, mestro or even using sofort to send money in a cheaper and hassle-free manner. We will get your money transferred to those who need it speedily, securely, and at competitive transaction rates.

Money transfers to Nigeria bank account seem like the easiest option with our app. The high-quality money transfer app like Supersonicz can make the process smoother and significantly more money-making.

We understand that every bit of security can actually help our users to understand our services. Money Transfer options like sending money to any bank account in europe,selecte your nearest destination for cash pick up, Bank deposit in any Africa country within a minutes which make sure that you can secure your funds from any unpleasant moves in the marketplace.

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Fill registration form to get register and send money online.

Add Recipient

Choose sending and Receiving payment method and add recipient details.

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Registration Reference: ZA194489

Approved Service Online Money Transfer App Features

Invite Friends

This app is the trusted service to send money to Africa with premium service for Gambia, Nigeria & Senegal. You can even invite your friends on this app and get super offers.

Find Locations

With this money transfer app, you can reach your nearby location and also can search our branches.

Track Payment

Tracking Money transfers is hassle-free with this app. It is a convenient way to make transactions without browsing the website.