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How Does The Education And Money Transfer System Works In Ghana?

How Does The Education And Money Transfer System Works In Ghana?


Ghana is the first self-governing country on the African continent. It gained its independence from the colonial system in 1957. Ghana is well known for its dense forests, deep history, and sandy beaches. Ghana is located almost at the center of the world. The weather in Ghana is mostly dry and wet. Accra, which is also the port city and the commercial hub, is the capital of Ghana. Twi and Dagbani languages are the two languages most spoken in the country. The most followed religion in Ghana is Christianity.

The people of Ghana are very communal, and they greet even the tourists warmly. People are very friendly and like to live near others. Different kinds of festivals are also part of Ghanian culture. These festivals are mostly held on holidays when most of the tourists visit. The people of Ghana wear a mix of traditional and western clothing. Clothes are made of Kente cloth, and usually bright colors are used. Children are named after the name of the day on which they were born.

Improvement Of Ghana Education

The education system started in Ghana even before colonial times. At that time, people used to educate their children by teaching them skills physically. Information was passed to the next generation through word of mouth. There was no proper system of education for children.

The western education system was introduced in Ghana in the 19th century. Christian missionaries used to teach the Ghanian people. This education was primarily given in the Fort schools. In the start, people were taught to read and write. After that, they were given arithmetic education. Teaching the students is to increase commerce assistance in the industry and government.

Then Ghana government paid attention to improving the education system in Ghana. This way, the country will progress, and the economy will improve. But the many steps taken by the Ghana government were wrong. Then they formed the Dzobo committee to make the education system better. It was decided to add more practical knowledge to the system.

The education system of Ghana now consists of tertiary education, which is primary, secondary, and tertiary. Primary education consists of nine years of education, and secondary education consists of 4 years. Tertiary education, which is given in colleges or universities, consists of 3 to 4 years of education.

Top 4 Universities In Ghana

Many universities in Ghana are mentioned among the top-rated universities in Africa. Here is the list of the top 4 universities in Ghana.

1.      University Of Ghana

The University of Ghana is considered one of the best universities in Ghana. The university was established in Accra in 1948. The university has campuses in different cities in Ghana, and it can enroll up to 35000 students.

The university provides bachelor`s, post-graduate degrees, diplomas, associates, and certificates. Other than education, the university provides other facilities such as sports, a library, scholarships, and accommodation.

2.      Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology

KNUST is the second-best university in Ghana, while in the science and technology field, this university is still considered the best. The university is in Kumasi Ashanti and has a campus in different cities. The university is trying to enroll more students and continuously trying to make the education system better.

Because of its research and entrepreneurship, this university is acknowledged internationally and nationally. The plus point of this university is that it allows both national and international students to enroll. The curriculum is designed to benefit both national and international students.

3.      University Of Cape Coast

The University of Cape Coast is located in the small city of Cape Coast and is the third best University in Ghana. The University has given many entrepreneurs and intellectuals to the country, which is why it is accredited by the National Accreditation Board of Ghana and ranked among the top ranking universities in Ghana.

The university started as a small college to produce highly skilled intellectuals for the country; now, it is well known internationally. There are special criteria of the university to enroll the applicants. This criterion is based on the past academic records of the applicant.

4.      Ashesi University

Ashesi university is ranked fourth in the top 10 universities of Ghana. It is located in a small town named Berekuso in Ghana. Though it is located in a small town in Ghana, this university gained popularity for developing students` critical thinking and professional excellence skills.

Different programs related to different fields are offered at the university. Once the students have enrolled in the university, they can apply for scholarships and exchange programs. The students appreciate the administrative services provided by the university.

Accommodation & Food In Ghana

Whether your vacation or study in Ghana, accommodation is not a problem. It is very easy to find good accommodation in Ghana. If you are on vacation, you can book good hotel rooms at low prices in Ghana.

If you are a student, most universities that allow international students to apply have hostel facilities. There are many private hostels in big cities where you can live. If you do not have both options, you can rent an apartment or room according to your preferences.

Ghana is not only famous for its tradition, but it is also famous for its culture-enriched cuisine. Corn, beans, millet, plantains, and cassava make mouth-watering dishes.

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