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How to send money to Senegal while working in France?

How to send money to Senegal while working in France?


When you are working in a foreign county while your family lives in some other country, the need if money transfer services become very important. In such a crisis, your life will be much easier if you can find a money transfer service that gives you other benefits like online money transfer and bank transfer credit card opportunities. Suppose you are working in a country like Senegal or someone from Senegal and are working abroad. In that case, you don`t have to worry about money transfer problems because Supersonicz has the solution to all of your problems.

Working abroad

Living in Senegal, you may not get as many job opportunities as you wish to, and that is why people move to other countries all over the world which are more developed and have better job opportunities. People from Senegal go to countries like Dubai, UAE, European countries and USA for better job opportunities. When you are earning goo abroad, you have to send money back home to your family, and that happens with the help of a bank transfer credit card. Senegalese migrate to European countries like France, Italy and Spain the most. These countries are very developed and have better job opportunities for Senegalese people. There are proper communities of people from Senegal in these countries. France colonized Senegal before Senegal`s independence. Due to that, more people move to France. There are more than 110000 immigrants in France from Senegal. Most of the people are there for better jobs.

Jobs in France

To consider working abroad, you must consider many things using the international remittances and the top jobs. As a person from senega, you don`t have to worry about money transfer problems because Supersonicz money transfer allows you brank transfer credit cards. You can also get a  job in France with great ease as there are a lot of job opportunities for people from Senegal.

Almost every industry offers jobs to migrants from Senegal in France. You can easily get a job in the tourist industry. Tourism is very frequent in France, so you can become part of many tour companies. You can also get a job as a foreign language teacher. If you have a new language skill, then you can teach in France. Other job opportunities are in the agricultural industry, and there are also international internships for the students. Most of these internships are paid so you can earn for people back home in Senegal while gaining new experience. Working in these industries, you will realize the importance of bank transfer credit card.

The immigrant population in France

The total population of France is 67.39 million. Among these numbers, there are 6.5 million immigrants in France. French colonized many different African countries for years, so most people who were in France from these countries stayed there for work purposes. Even after colonization was over, these immigrants stayed there, and more people moved there each year for better work. Out of 6.76 million immigrants, 110,000 of them are from Senegal. All these people are working there in better positions and have supported their families back in Senegal through international money transfer services like Supersonicz money transfer. Different money transfer options make it much easier and faster for you to send money to Senegal. Supersonicz money transfer, you have to opportunity to make a bank transfer just using your credit card. Due to bank transfer credit card, you don`t have to send money in cash form. The money will get to the recipient`s bank account without additional hustle.

Weather in France

The weather in France is very pleasant and is quite different from the weather in Senegal. Good weather is also the reason why most people move to France. France has continental weather, which means it is warm in summers and old in winters; there is rain in summers which makes the weather quite pleasant. On the other hand, the weather in Senegal is Sahelian; like in France, there is also a rainy season. The weather difference is there, but it is not a lot. People from Senegal might like it better in France, but they will be able to survive the same because there is no drastic change. It`s more the economy of France than the weather that influences the decision of people to move to France from Senegal. Even though it is hard to leave your home country, the hope for a better life can make them move. And what makes that move easier for people is the bat transfer credit card and other money transfer services.

Supersonics money transfer services in Senegal and France

Supersonicz money transfer services are one of the best money transfer services when it comes to money transfers to and from Senegal and France. Living in either of these countries, you can send money to your loved ones in another country with the help of online money transfer companies. These companies also provide the facility to use a credit card. Sending money through a credit card is easier because when you have to send money, you only need to give your credit card information instead of physical cash. The money will be sent to another country within a few minutes. The money, too, can be sent to a bank account, so they don`t have to go above and beyond to receive money. Credit cards and debit cards have made life a lot easier, and it gets even better when you can use them to transfer money to a different country like Senegal.


Supersonicz money transfer is one of the best money transfer companies for the bank transfer credit card option. You can easily transfer the money you earned in France back home to Senegal. The good thing about this money transfer is that it will be done within a few minutes, which makes it easier for people in Senegal who need money in an emergency. All this knowledge is enough to start using a money transfer company like Supersonicz for international money transfers.