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What Is The Situation Of The Employment Sector In Ghana?

What Is The Situation Of The Employment Sector In Ghana?


Ghana is one of the leading countries in Africa. It is small in population and area and is located on the coast of the Gulf Of Guinea. It was the first country to gain independence from the colonial system in Africa. The sandy beaches and lush forests are why tourism is high in Ghana. The economy of Ghana started to become important in the 21st century, and now it is the 10th most powerful country economically. Still, now Ghana is among the top 15 countries related to economic growth.

Situation In Employment Sector

In West Africa, most people come to Ghana in search of jobs. The abundance of natural resources is the reason for more job opportunities in Ghana. Due to natural resources, the mining and extraction industries are developed, and there is always more labor required, and there will also be new job opportunities.

More than half of the population of Ghana works in the agriculture sector. Both men and women work in this sector and make sure that there is fine availability of staple foods such as yams, rice, cassavas, and grains. The food produced is not only used to fulfill the country`s food supply but is also exported. Ghana supplies the best quality cocoa in the world market, which is also the country`s main export.

Though there are job opportunities in Ghana, these are not enough. The population of Ghana is increasing, which increases the demand for new jobs. The rapid population growth is the main reason for unemployment in Ghana. The youth is mostly affected by this unemployment issue, and according to a survey, only a percentage of the young people can find jobs. The rest remain unemployed or go towards informal sectors.

Jobs available in the informal sector are related to the services sector. The informal sector usually includes jobs like vendors, labor, and small shops owner. The drawback of the informal sector is that there are no proper work rules, no proper documentation, and less pay.

Due to informal procedures, there is no complete record of how many Ghanaians work in the informal sector. According to a survey, almost 80 percent of young people in Ghana do jobs in the informal sector. Another drawback of this sector is that there are no pensions, security funds, and proper schedules.

What Types Of Jobs Pay High In Ghana?

Shipping Supervisor

Shipping supervisors are paid high in Ghana. They have to take care of all the transactions on the ship and ensure the safe transfer of goods from one place to another. The demand for shipping supervisors was less during the pandemic due to lockdown, but now everything is back to normal, and the demand has increased too.

Account Manager

A company is not complete without an account manager. The account manager guides the company on how to deal with the customers and how to tackle different situations. An account manager also helps the company to attract more customers. The average yearly pay of an account manager is more than 73000 GHC.

Project Manager

The third highest paying profession is project manager. Their job is to plan how to keep the company moving forward and introduce new projects. Whenever a project manager proposes a plan, it is forwarded to the operation manager to start working on it. Most of the tasks are based on management, and the pay of a project manager is above 70000 per year.


Teachers are not that well paid in other countries but are paid quite well in Ghana. Especially the teacher at the tertiary level is paid more than the teachers at the primary level. Teachers who teach subjects like English or Science are in demand and paid well.

Medical Doctors

Medical doctors are also paid well in Ghana. Doctors are in demand in Ghana to develop a good health system and maintain it. Doctors must complete their education for 6 to 7 years, and then they can do the job. The plus point of being a Ghanaian doctor is earning people’s respect and money.

Population Of Country And Overseas Population

The population of Ghana is 31.07 million. The growth in population in Ghana has increased in past years. Now the current population growth rate is 2.1 percent. The biggest problem with the increasing population of Ghana is that the resources are not enough in the country. An imbalance will occur in the food, health, and employment sector if the population of Ghana continues to grow at this rate.

Almost 1.7 million Ghanaians are living abroad. These Ghanaians usually leave their homes to earn better and support their families. Most Ghanaians are not well educated, so they do the job in the service sector. Many youngsters try to go to foreign countries illegally way. Some reach their destination, some are deported back, and some die.

Weather In Ghana

The weather in Ghana is typically tropical throughout the year. The days are hot, and nights are cold in Ghana. The weather in the north is dry, while the weather in the south is humid. There are two rainy seasons in the country. The first rainy season is from March to July and the second is from September to October.

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Wrapping It Up

Almost 7.6 percent of Ghanaians live abroad, and they need to send money to their country or receive money from it. Choosing the right money transfer service is very important so that the whole process is done smoothly, easily, and quickly.