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How to Send Money to Gambia: Your Complete Guide

If you have no idea where to start, sending money to Gambia from the UK can be simple and cheap. You can opt any method according to your usage — supporting family, paying for services or work. In its place, this guide is your ultimate reference point where you can discover all the options available to send money to Gambia learn what are their advantages and disadvantages.

All About Money Transfer Alternatives

Different ways to send money to Gambia from the UK Each method has its pros and cons, depending on what you are looking for.

Bank Transfers

Bank records to transfer funds internationally is a staple option. You can trigger a transfer online, going via the telephone or in-person to your bank branch. While this is good for security, it may not be the fastest or most cost-effective method (fees and exchange rates can further reduce the value of your money)


Secure and reliable

Send the money directly to your recipient’s bank account


Potentially high fees

If you compare it to other methods its processing time is pretty slow.

Services of Online Money Transfer

SuperSonicz Money Transfer are widely recognized online money transfer services that have gained momentum for offering convenience and competitive pricing. Basically, all you need to do is transfer the money from your bank, credit or debit card to the receiver in Gambia.


Competitive rates of exchange charges and lower fees

Fast transfer times

Easy to use


Requires internet access

Possibly larger card payment available fees

Mobile Money Transfers

Consider SuperSonicz Money Transfer are popular mobile money services used in the Gambia. This platforms enable you to carry out transactions where money is sent straight to the mobile wallet of the recipient who can either have it cashed out or use it in making other payments.


Convenient and fast

Widely accepted in Gambia


The recipient must have a mobile money account

Possible restrictions on the values for transactions

Cash Pickup Services

Recipients can collect cash-by-cash at any outlet across the Gambia, via SuperSonicz Money Transfer services. This is very beneficial, especially when the recipient does not own a bank account.


Fast and reliable

Many Cash Pickup locations


Fee — It has higher fees than other methods

Recipients Must Go To A Pickup Location

Steps to Send Money to Gambia

Step 1: Select the perfect transfer service

Think about the transfer fee, exchange rate, speed of transfer ease for the receiver etc. Compare providers for the one that suits you.

Step 2: Collect Information

This will also depend on the method you choose to use, as some options may require that they receive name, address, mobile number and bank account details or just their mobile money information.

Step 3: Initiate the Transfer

Go through the transfer process of your selected service. This often means signing up for an account, inserting their information and then putting down the amount you want to ship.

STEP 4: Verify Transfer, Follow Up

You can expect a confirmation after you start the transfer. A lot of services provide their tracking features, so you can trace the state of your transfer up to the moment when it has got to where you sent it.

Guidelines for a Fretfree Money Transfer

Compare Exchange Rates

The amount your recipient receives can be drastically affected by exchange rates. Check real-time exchange rates while using online comparison tools that compare different services.

Be Aware of Fees

Different providers may charge noticeably different prices When looking for services, be sure to seek those that extend a pretty good mix of low fees and market-leading rates of exchange.

Verify Security Measures

Be vigilant and choose a service with as high-security standards as possible to protect your money. Check out for encryption, secure login processes & Good reviews.

Consider Transfer Speed

If you need the money fast, then pick a service with fast transfer times. While for others, it may take days depending on the provider providing the funds.

Check Recipient Requirements

Ensure that the person receiving the money complies with all necessary requirements to collect it now. This could be a bank account or mobile money account, ID for cash pickups.

FAQS about Transferring Money to Gambia

How to send money to Gambia from the UK

How the best approach for you would be depends on your specific requirements. You may be better off with online money transfer services like SuperSonicz Money Transfer to get your funds transferred quickly and cheaply. Cash pick-up services or mobile money transfers could be best suited for recipients without bank accounts.

How Much Time It Take to Send Money to Gambia?

Low-quality options could take several seconds to copy their maps, whereas improved versions might finish in as little as 2.5 milliseconds (compared with an average transfer time of 33 ms). Some online money transfer services offer very quick payment within minutes or hours and some even days, this usually means either time between the capital leaving your account to be drivers to finding an ATM that will retainor days of every waiting for grandmother a bank charge. Most cash pickup services are same-day bank transfers.

Is there a limit to the amounts of money I can send to Gambia?

Verdict: Yes, most providers will have limits on both the amount you can send per transaction and per day or month. Ask your chosen service to get their limit.

What are the common charges when transferring money to Gambia?

Go to site Read the full review GBP 0 Transfer can be as quick as same day Varies by provider SuperSonicz Money Transfer lets you add account and credit card, but debit not available Minimum transfer amount GBP 100 Get live quotes in local currency Cash App International payments via your phone Available apps for both iOS & Android Fees vary Tables last updated March 24th, 2021 Save money on your international bank transfers with SuperSonicz Money Transfer Keep more of your money when you send or spend abroad. Shop around to see what service is best for you and your budget.

Are money transfers to Gambia safe?

Yes, provided you use reputable transfer services with good safety features. Be sure to validate the service is legitimate and follow secure practices to keep your personal information safe.


Transmission to Gambia can be difficult and also expensive from the UK. You can also learn about them in this guide, and if you move forward using the steps provided here, your money will be at its destination much more quickly and securely. We offer a myriad of reliable money transfer options depending on what you prefer from bank transfers, online money transfer services to mobile money and cash pickup. Comparing your rates and fees along with security and then checking to see which one is most convenient for someone else on the other end of your money transfer, will help you make the best-informed decision and save yourself cash again.

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