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Win an iPhone 15 with Supersonicz: The Best Way to Transfer Money to Nigeria

Supersonicz is your answer if you want to find a quick and dependable way to transfer money to Nigeria. We are not limited to money transfer services, we are also running a great promotional event where you can win an iPhone 15. Read below on how to participate in this amazing chance and why Supersonicz is the best in Nigerian cash service.

Why Supersonicz is Your Best Choice for Money to Nigeria

Swift, Secure Transfers

The speed and safety of your money transfer to Nigeria are vital considerations. That is why, at Supersonicz, we lay equal stress on not just one but both. Our state-of-the-art technology makes it as fast and as safe as humanly possible to convey your cash with a perfect error rate and our secure platform practices caution every step of the way from beginning to end of any transaction, giving you some assurance in your affairs

Competitive Exchange Rates

It is absolutely vital that you get the best deal for your money, especially when sending funds internationally. Supersonicz offers you a highly competitive exchange rate that means better terms and even added taste in your Nigerian Naira for every pound, dollar or euro sent over there! Greater resources to hand down live more comfortably home sends whether back or forwards on good times ahead…

User-Friendly Platform

Our platform has been designed to fit in with your busy lifestyle. It is quick-moving and easy to complete transactions, with a clear design as well as intuitive for technology or fellows of all ages. On the Supersonicz website, you can all do it by yourself without trouble, online!

Extensive Network

One of the advantages of partnering with Supersonicz is that we have a large network to support you and can help you easily collect the money in Nigeria that you are sending. Whether your beneficiaries want to withdraw cash from a local payout site and receive the funds directly into their own bank account, we can accommodate all needs.

Transparent Fees

Hidden fees are a drag, which is why there are none at Supersonicz. Everyone can afford to be open and clear on what they charge. Our fee structure is clear for you to see, leaving no room for surprises. Just trustworthy and reliable service from start to finish.

How to Enter the iPhone 15 Giveaway

Participating in our iPhone 15 giveaway is simple and straightforward. Here’s how to win your very own:

Use Supersonicz for Money Transfers: Every time you transfer money to Nigeria via Supersonicz, you get one more entry in our contest.

Increase Your Chances: Make lots of transactions. Transactions equals entry.Some ones count separately too, by the way.

Stay Updated: Follow us on social media and subscribe to our newsletter. We’ll keep you informed about how the contest is going and any future deals with friends of Supersonicz.

The Importance of Reliable Money Transfer Services

For many of Nigeria’s overseas residents, cashing in by mail back home is the percentage of their family’s resources. Like bills for sustenance, what with weddings and marriages these sums often mean marriage money cash-strapped couples couldn’t otherwise raise; sometimes they support an ailing parent halfway around the world like sending bedridden relatives for treatment abroad (which may get rid of a family’s health problems at home but simply drops them on another) Here reliable money transfer facilities are indispensable.

Supporting Families

The money that comes from overseas has a major impact on people in Nigeria. It puts food in the mouths of the hungry, provides shelter for homeless children and gets kids to school. This makes for a better life for millions upon millions of families.

Economic Impact

Remittances are an enormous blessing to the Nigerian economy. By using such a reliable service as Supersonicz, you can be confident your money will arrive promptly and will encourage growth and development in the markets where it goes shopping.

Peace of Mind

Supersonicz ensures the safe, quick transfer of your money. There’s no need to worry: this platform stands the test of time. When you give it your confidence, you can relax. Busy yourself with more important tasks than wondering if your willowy dollars are still out on a limb. Finally, all your hard-earned money is at last safe.

Customer Success Stories

We deeply care about the happiness of our customers. Here are a few stories from our loyal users who are now enjoying the benefits of using Supersonicz:

Amina’s Story

Amina works as a nurse living in the UK, but she makes frequent remittances at home. Here’s how she says things are going: ‘I have tried quite a few different money transfer agencies, but Supersonicz is always a step above the rest. It is a problem of zero big exchange rate advantages ” I have seen the cash straight Our|problems which works for you. Hucemade and my family complain or query anything in the steam of some new process; without any interruption, there are at all times human staff willing to help customers on Sunday afternoons consisting precisely this sort?´

John’s Experience

John, an American entrepreneur, uses Supersonicz as his principal method of sending money to finance business operations in Nigeria – so he claims. He says: “Supersonicz has made a real difference to my business. Transactions are swift and fees up-front. Since I started transmitting funds via this system back in September 2014, I’ve been able to meet obligations to suppliers and partners without sweating over delays or extra charges.”

Tips for Sending Money to Nigeria

To get the most from your money transfer experience, try considering these suggestions. When Transferring Between Supersonicz and Other Providers Before you jump in the water, check out what progressively lower rates certain transfer services offer to existing customers over that range of varying transfer amounts. Steady good rates from Supersonicz will mean competitive pricing otherwise available nowhere else. Plan It’s possible to make transfers earlier if you plan carefully. Then, you can enjoy the much better exchange rates that accompany those times Step Three The self-signed certificate helps protect all information passed over the web. That way you can pass your info with confidence Avoiding Last Minute Fees and Missing Promotions Look out for promotions and gifts—like the iPhone 15 giveaway currently running at Supersonicz! The Future of Money Transfer Services Rapid advances in technology have already led to more options for the future of money transfer services. Here’s a quick look: Faster Transfers This has little to do with technology, but everything now depends on the ability of one company to innovate in new ways. At present the market leader in fast international money transfers is Supersonicz – and we’ll be staying out in front with ongoing improvements that speed up every transaction still further.

Today, with cybercrime burgeoning rapidly, we consider that your transactions and personal data are better off equipped with top-level security than anything else Supersonicz has always prided itself on using the newest encrypted technology to ensure total privacy for everything you do from paying bills and transferring money abroad, completely online without ever letting on that anything is happening beneath the curtain.

Now that financial services are becoming available to more and more people digitally Sue Vitorio (Damino), Weibo Rui and Mu Fu expect mobile remittance platforms to be ever more important. Supersonicz wants to make things even more convenient for everyone. We hope to further expand our network and enable our service at any location-, for people of all financial statuses- including all walks of life now that people can finally take advantage of being better


When you want to send money in and receive money from Nigeria, Supersonicz is the name to trust. With our fast, efficient, and secure digital system, your money can get where you want it to sooner. And there has seldom been a time better suited for using Supersonicz to meet all your money-changing needs than now-prices can’t go much lower: in addition, we have just launched a special promotion offering the new iPhone 15 for free.

Don’t miss out on this one. With Supersonicz you have the opportunity to start sending money today and it gets there in less than one minute. Go to for more information or to go ahead now with an Immediate Transfer.

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