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Supersonicz Money Transfer service is not just a brand, but it is a service where we aim to provide you best and secure Money Transfer service without any interruption. We are not just serving in the major countries, but we also goal to cover those countries where no other money transfer service is available.

We started as just a small scale business providing our services in just a few countries, but now we are covering the whole Africs with intentions to serve you well.

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Supersonicz Money Transfer was created by keeping just one vision in mind, and that is to bring joys to people in such nations where there is no concept of online funds transfer. We do not just cover the developed countries, but under-developed nations are also targeted by us.


Our Mission is to ensure that our business partners thrive for success and growth just as we do because we want to become one of the top priorities for people regarding funds transfer globally. We are intended to make this possible by extensive research on a broader scale and to associate with the world’s leading organizations.